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We represent those seriously injured by inattentive, distracted and impaired drivers/persons: we help keep your roads and family safer!

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    We have achieved verdicts and settlements over $50 million dollars for over 8,000 injury clients.

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    A seasoned and experienced personal injury Attorney will personally handle your claim.

Practice Areas

If you are seriously injured by an inattentive, distracted or impaired driver/person, we will help you achieve the justice you richly deserve.


We represent bicyclists seriously injured by an inattentive, distracted or impaired driver. Bicycling in Greater Cleveland is booming and so are serious accidents caused by driver's texting, e-mailing and using their cell phones. Some ignore marked bicycle lanes. You will be represented by Attorney Knabe who is an avid experienced cyclist with 35 years experience as a trial lawyer. The sooner you call the better he can help you!



We aggressively represent drivers, passengers or pedestrians seriously injured or killed in all types of car, truck or semi-truck accidents caused by an inattentive, impaired or distracted driver. You will be represented by Attorney Knabe who has handled thousands of traffic accident injuries. He has 35 years experience as a civil trial attorney. He will help you recover for your lost income, medical bills and pain and suffering.



Dogs attacks can cause serious injuries, especially to a child who could have permanent scarring . Ohio law makes anyone who owns or harbors a dog fully accountable for damages unless the victim was teasing or tormenting the dog, Plastic surgeons must be consulted to asses the victim's present and future scarring and plastic surgeries. The dog owners home insurance policy often provides insurance coverage.



We go the extra mile for each & every client

No words on this card can really say how much I appreciated all that you did! Long hours fighting for me and all other women affected. You’re my champion! You mean the world to me! I wish you all the best in years ahead!

-Mary Campbell